Cramped classrooms put the squeeze on learning


As students are getting back to the routine of school, some are noticing the very compact and large sizes of their classes.

Class sizes have reached sizes up to 34 students, which is astounding considering last year when classes were only 15-20 kids. Granted, some students were in the FUEL program, class sizes have really never reached sizes this big.

Some students are having to sit in odd places with the lack of desks. “People sit at the filing cabinet,” Sophomore Talia Valdez says.

Some classes are concerning to both students and staff, as students cannot properly distance themselves. “It’s really crowded,” student Gavin O’Leary voices.

This could end up being a very big problem if one student contracts COVID, as all the students in the class will have to quarantine. This is because of how cramped together some of the students are. 

But then again, classes vary, some are very small but the popular ones and even core classes are large. Staff is working hard to get more desks in rooms, and spread out the desks as best they can.

Though classes are large, students and staff are managing it well and being respectful.