Wilsonville High School returns to a normal school year


Students working together on the porch- something many people missed while being in quarantine.

As the 2021-22 school year begins, our school is taking steps back towards a “normal” year. The school day is back to being 6 ½ hours, we are back to block scheduling, and of course, we are fully in person. 


Adjusting to full school days again has been for many students a struggle, albeit a welcome one. Many students are just glad to get back to a normal schedule after over a year of navigating the difficulties of online school. 


“I have a lot less homework after school since classes aren’t going at twice the speed,” expressed junior Mia Combs when asked about her workload so far. Classes being both full length and every day (except for block days), allows for more time to learn concepts and work on assignments, which is a nice change of pace from the overwhelming amount of work that many students had during online classes.


Of course with the return to a full school day comes the return of one of the biggest struggles of students everywhere: energy levels. Being in person is tiring- from the longer days to just being around so many people every day. Junior Kyra Lorio’s take was, “It’s been a lot more social interaction; so when I get home I try to spend time relaxing and being alone.” This is something that everyone is trying to balance right now- some teachers have been mindful of implementing 5 minute break times into their classes.


The return to school has had its ups and downs, but overall, the students and staff are grateful for our gradual journey back towards normalcy.