Choir is back together with new precautions in place


Since March 2020 many school activities and extracurriculars have been shut down up until now. New precautions are in place to provide a safe environment and make sure that activities are as normal and fun as they can be while still following safety guidelines.

In our choir program here at Wilsonville High school, they’ve been doing their best amidst the obstacles that they face. Since choir is all about being in tune and blending with others, it can be a challenge to do so while wearing a mask. Another hardship is breathing deep enough to be able to sing efficiently and well. Wearing a mask for long periods of time can cause difficulty breathing.

As many other sports and extracurricular activities have transitioned to not having to wear masks, choir is not one of those. It is a class full of students, and as a safety precaution masks will be worn. 

Despite these challenges, students are doing their best to have fun under the circumstances. They will continue to work hard and sing to the best of their abilities. We are excited to see what the choir will accomplish this year and hear from them in their future concerts.