Back to high school-one night only!

Aly Johnston, Writer

Back to School Night was this past Monday here at WVHS, and teachers and Link Crew members worked hard to prepare for this night.  Mrs. Hamer, the leader of Link Crew, helped to plan the evening.

She says students were available to provide childcare, translations, and show parents to their children’s classrooms. Coltin Hill, a junior in Link Crew, also said that they were ready to answer parent questions during the event.

Parents followed their kids’ schedules – but they were allowed a mere  five minutes of passing period, and ten minutes in the actual class. They were busy, but they got a first hand experience of what their student’s day looks like. They had to rush through the halls, sprint up the stairs, and figure out where the classes are, just like their students do. In some classes, there was even homework!!

Assistant Principal Kathy Gregg thought that Back to School Night went very well. She estimated that around 300 parents attended the event, with the “hallways packed and the parking lot full.” The administration hoped that parents would be able to get to know their children’s teachers, and “have the opportunity to satisfy any questions they have about what their child’s experience is going to be in each of their classes.”

One highlight of the night for Mrs. Gregg was when a parent of a new student approached her and told her something that touched her. The day of Back to School Night, this student had said how caring and kind some of the students at Wilsonville were. Mrs. Gregg was so happy to hear that Wilsonville High School was a welcoming and supporting environment for all students.

Through this event, parents were able to live their students’ lives for a day. With a face to put to each teacher’s name and armed with some new knowledge of their children’s classes, parents can continue to support their students in any way they need.