Homework dilemmas

Students and teachers express their experience for homework this school year!


A student’s workload over a week. Google Classroom has become a useful way for students to track their assignments.

The 2021-2022 school year has aged well for students. Lately, due to last year’s unsuccessfulness, teachers have been more lenient on homework. However, this isn’t anything new for Sr. Zolotoff, a Spanish teacher at Wilsonville High School.

While she does still give work, she does not expect, nor wants students to go home with a pile of work that could have been done during class. Zolotoff points out how after having kids, she noticed them coming home burnt out from the school day, but still left with more to do. She believes home is a place to relax and be able to lay down after a long day at school.

Sr. Zolotoff recognizes students’ motivation to get work done when they know they won’t be given homework. Before her new work system, she noticed students dismissing work in class because they know they’ll have more to do when they got home. This was also a barrier for language teachers due to the fact that when students are given homework, they result to translate resources. On the other hand, when in class, they feel comfortable enough to ask questions-something that is unavailable while at home.

The best place for learning to take place is in the classroom!”

— Lindsay Zolotoff

Sophomore Luke Laform shares how he appreciates being able to rest once he gets home. ¨Rarely getting homework calms me down, after a stressful day at school, nobody wants to deal with more papers.¨ This benefits both parties; teachers don’t get to grade as much work, and students get a break.