This year’s Halloweekend recap!


Siona Ruud

From left to right, Shelby Widman and Alina Jakobson carving pumpkins, and Reese Buchanan and Sophia Levesque trick or treating!

Teens all over the U.S were lucky enough to have Halloween fall on a weekend this year. Everyone had called it “Halloweekend” because the celebration of spooky season was too much to fit into one day. Horror movies, costume parties, pumpkin carving, and more: what did the students of WVHS do? 

Sophomore Reese Buchanan spent the night passing out candy with her friends and then went to walk around the neighborhood. Reese explained that she dressed up as “a football player zombie.” Sophomore Ezra Oesterreich also mentioned that his Halloween was filled with a pumpkin carving party and hanging out watching scary movies with his friends!

“You’re never too old to partake in some trick or treating!””

— Lily Arzie

Freshman Lily Arzie spent the night hitting a couple of houses for candy! She expressed, “you’re never too old to partake in some trick or treating!” Lily and her friends loved seeing the fun and creative costumes this year! Her favorites that she saw were “Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek, a sushi roll, Tinker Bell, frat boy, zombie hippie, and a zombie rapper.”  

The students of WVHS seemed to have a pretty fun Halloweekend! Sadly, Halloween will land on a Monday next year; however, it doesn’t seem that that will stop anyone from having a blast.