Elizabeth Harris

Olivia Parry smiling for the picture.

Olivia Parry

“Sports are really important, I don’t think that everyone has to play a sport obviously but I think that during the Covid-19 lockdown when sports weren’t an option, it made me realize how important sports are and how much of an escape they are. It’s a reset every day in my life. After school, it’s really good for me to go to practice and not have to think about school. Especially during Covid, everyone’s mental health was struggling and for me, I’m glad that I was somewhat able to play my sport because it helped keep me calm and sane. I didn’t like online school and I felt so lonely because I wasn’t able to see anybody. Going to my sports practice and getting to do what I enjoyed was very good for me and I want other kids to experience that too. I know that other athletes would tell you the same thing about how important sports are to them. It’s not just for mental and physical health benefits but you meet so many people and friends in these people that are similar to you. These hardworking people love to push themselves in their sport. Your coaches mean so much to you and they will become mentors. They are not just a part of your sports life but your personal life and they help you figure out what you want to do in the future and show where your sport plays a role in that. I just think that sports are such a healthy way to keep yourself composed and teach you so much.”