Sydnie Bierma

Waiting in line at Maplewood, a small coffeeshop in the Maplewood neighborhood in Portland. The coffeeshop offers a variety of different coffee’s and tea’s with their own homemade flavoring.

Studying Hotspots

Due to the pandemic, students have embraced more independent study habits. For many this means studying outside of the classroom and taking their work to a local coffeeshop or bookstore. Going to these different places allows for a change of scenery. It can inspire students to get more done and is an overall enjoyable experience. I talked to WVHS students about some of their favorite study spots and briefly debriefed the pros and cons of each one.

Barnes & Noble
Lark Cafe
Corner Coffee Shoppe
The Coffee Cottage
Peet’s Coffee
Ava Roasteria
Happy Sparrow Cafe