Anna Burkhead

Seniors, Anna Burkhead and Amelia Postma studying together at Barnes and Noble. Anna was able to complete her paper for World Wars!

Barnes & Noble

Barnes and Noble is arguably one of the most well known bookstores across the country. It’s known for providing a plethora of books from every genre imaginable. The store also often contains an attached Starbucks and holds plenty of comfy chairs for bookworms everywhere.

When Anna Burkhead mentioned she goes to study at Barnes & Noble I was surprised. I normally don’t think of a bookstore as a studying environment. She listed the pros of being it’s always quiet and there’s a Starbucks inside to students refuel. Not to mention there is an assortment of books at your disposal if needed.

In just the hour the girls spent there, Burkhead was able to finish a 5 page essay. Amelia commented that this might be because of how quiet it is. She also raved about the nice view from the second floor and of course the free wifi.