Sydnie Bierma

My southwest chicken salad and iced chai arranged on my outdoor table I studied at over the summer. Because of the outdoor seating, I was also able to bring my dog along!

Lark Cafe

Lark Cafe, located in West Linn is in the the heart of Willamette. The interior is absolutely adorable as well as there’s plenty of outdoor seating during the warmer months.


The benefit to going to Lark Cafe over other cafes to study is the fact they have a variety of food items, including salads. One could easily spend an entire day there studying and having breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When asked to compare the two coffee shops in Willamette, Tatum Lubisich mentioned that Lark Cafe by far has the best food.


When I went to study there I ordered an iced chai and a spiced chicken salad which was absolutely delicious. I like that compared to many other cafes they have the options of healthy foods in contrast with just muffins.