Sydnie Bierma

Senior, Anna Burkhead enjoying her blended mocha in Wilsonville. In the brown bag is two everything bagels toasted with cream cheese.

Corner Coffee Shoppe

A newer addition to Wilsonville is the Corner Coffee Shoppe. At first I was skeptical of the new coffee bar, being it seemed like an odd place for a coffee shop. After trying the food and being immersed in the atmosphere I realized the potential.

On the less busy days the coffee shop has a very cozy energy to it. Like many of the other coffee shops mentioned it also has outdoor seating, although I wouldn’t recommend sitting outside while studying being that Safeway is right next door.

If you have a second I’d recommend trying their sourdough bagels. As previously mentioned the service is slow, so if you’re in a rush I wouldn’t recommend ordering; however, if you’re looking for a slow paced–throwback cafe I’d recommended the Corner Coffee Shoppe as a new place to study.