Lorianne Servignat

Ms. Meza

Ms. Meza

Academic Counselor

Last names F-K

Email: [email protected] 

Academic counselors assist students in all types of situations. They help freshmen with getting used to the high school environment and help Seniors transition out of high school. The school counselors want to set you up for success so that after high school you are able to choose what path you want to take. They help you choose what you want to do after high school, which includes what classes will set you up for success. But, they also help with problems like stress, sadness, anger, and all different emotions. Your counselors are somewhere you can go if you need to vent, or say something you know won’t get shared with other people. Then, you can solve it from there. Your school counselors are pro problem solvers and can help with so much more than class transitions. They are available anytime, after school, before school, during class, at lunch, and through email. Your school counselors are a great resource and are ready to listen anytime.