Sydnie Bierma

The barista at Ava Roasteria created a little design on my mocha. I was able to finish my stats notes for the week.

Ava Roasteria

A fairly large coffeeshop in Lake Oswego is a new addition to the list. With the circular shape of the building there is more than enough room to get work done. The area even has an outdoor tent, perfect for rainy weather!

The atmosphere was full, but not busy feeling. Ava Roasteria also has an abundance of different baked goods and pastries to choose from. This is the type of place you could spend hours at feeling uninterrupted.

The coffeehouse also provides here cups which is another added bonus. The prices at Ava Roasteria match up with the other cafes and they also offer free wifi. This coffeeshop would also be great for study dates, being they have so many large tables to congregate at!