Elizabeth Harris

Grace sitting outside her class for an interview about what she is passionate about.

Grace Haack

One of my major hobbies is in the theater and I’ve noticed that here at Wilsonville High School we have a wonderful theater program. We put a lot of work into our shows and I was in Once Upon a Mattress, a wonderful musical that is very cartoony and fun. I played a knight within the ensemble. A lot of time and effort went into that show and I’m really glad that we did sell out all of the seats in the two shows that we had. I’m also going to be in Mid Summer Nights Dream by William Shakespeare. It’s a very popular play and once again I’m in the ensemble. It’s so great to be a part of something so amazing. I will be a little fairy in the background and we aren’t officially starting that until I think our show is sometime in February. We are going to put as much work into the show as possible it’s going to be wonderful. I’m excited about it and really glad I’m made it in. Mr. Katz and Mr.Fitz are awesome directors. The theater has really helped me understand teamwork. Over quarantine, it was difficult for me to reconnect with friends, find friends, and make friends; I’ve made so many friends and connections through the theater program.”