Elizabeth Harris

Bella talks about Missouri and Oregon.

Bella Campbell

“The main thing that was different between Missouri and here is that we start in the middle of august, whereas here we start in September. I found that was pretty different. Here at this school students are required to take geometry my school was different because whatever math class you were in you just kept continuing. The funniest thing is they put me in trigonometry but I’ve never taken geometry. So they had to transfer me out because you can’t do one without the other. I love drawing I and my school was really small in my class alone- the sophomore class- there were only 50 kids. I had an art class where the teacher let us do anything like if we wanted to paint we could paint and then we would turn that in. Whereas in this art class it’s more structured. So I had to get used to that. We couldn’t leave school for lunch but here we can. It can either rain and the next day it could be 80 degrees. We didn’t really have fall. When I moved here there were so many colorful leaves and everything and was like wow Missouri doesn’t have that. I think here it is more as one, whereas at my old school people did whatever. Because it was a small school like in the countryside there were a lot of country people. I wasn’t in the that I was the only emo kid there which I was proud of. Here there are so many different types of people I’ve found that investing. I think this is a really nice school but back in Missouri, everyone knew each other.”