Elizabeth Harris

Aaron talks about band and how he started playing the trumpet.

Aaron Boone

“So I got started in band in 6th grade as a percussionist and it got boring after a year and a half. Then one day I walked in with my dad’s trumpet because he played for a while and I never even told the band teacher I just came in, sat down, and played what the kid next to me was playing. In 8th grade, I auditioned for symphonic band and there was this one kid that everyone thought so so much better than me and he didn’t get in and I did. I was playing in Symphonic band freshman year and I did pit orchestra that year. Since then it has been a big part of my life. I started playing the piano which as a kid did but wasn’t really good until I just started playing on my own. I really don’t know songs on the piano it’s just improvisation and chords. Today I got an email from a college. Another person and I got this invitation to go to this big convection. Beginners all the way up to veterans.  The invitation said that you are able to show off your skills. There’s a bunch of people there that are looking for opportunities so I’m pretty excited about that. The other kid and I are always on a wavelength when we are playing and we never mess up. I feel like I’m good at a lot of other subjects in school. I’m really well-rounded person and I don’t know what I want to do because there are a lot of things that I could be doing. Hopefully, I find something someday that I really want to pursue. Back in middle school friends were easy to come by and it was really easy to be friends with a lot of people. I feel like everything has changed except for the people in this music group because we have all liked music ever since. Even if I just meet people they still have that reputation of music always being a part of their life. If they have been in a band and you just click with them right away. I find myself knowing every person’s name in the fifty or sixty-person group rather than no more than five people in my twenty-person class, so it’s more of a family. Music has changed my life because I always feel like I have a backbone. That is the greatest part about the music in this school, there are so many people who love how it makes them feel and I love how it makes me feel.”