Elizabeth Harris

Makenna talks about volleyball.

Makenna Wiepert

 “I play volleyball and I’ve been playing since I was nine years old. I didn’t play on a competitive team until I was in sixth  grade. When I was little I used to do gymnastics. But I ended up having to choose between gymnastics and volleyball because I was getting too tall for gymnastics. My parents are also tall so I have tall genes and then my joints started hurting. My coach told me I could push through the pain or quit. I was already on the fence about it and I ended up choosing volleyball and now for the past three years I’ve been playing here at the high school. It’s crazy that next year is my senior year. I love the sport and I’ve gotten to meet so many great people.  These girls are some of my best friends. I think one of the best lessons that volleyball has taught me is the impact of mental toughness. In volleyball you can be one of the best teams in the nation, but if you’re having a bad mental game you can lose to anyone. Carrying that over into life it’s important being strong and knowing where your values lie. One bad day isn’t going to affect the rest of your life and one bad game shouldn’t ruin your passion for the sport. Sometimes it’s hard to not base your worth on how well you play. I have found my worth in Jesus Christ. I Know that he has a bigger plan for me. it’s so great to have a sport where I can be who God has created me to be and just enjoy playing.”