Elizabeth Harris

Claudia talks about her involvement in music.

Claudia Molatore

“I started music, choir, and everything when I was in second grade and then I had a bunch of wonderful music teachers who helped build my passion. I still participate in musicals and I’m in a choir as well as Soul’d out. This year has been particularly interesting because of masks since choirs are big groups of people. As we perform with the band and other people we try to balance how to keep everyone safe and healthy. We also all want to do what we love which is sing and perform. The play has been very interesting we’ve been lucky enough to be able to do the musical this year without masks.  Soul’d out was lucky enough to get onto the regional competition. We have started to prepare for our competitions by getting choreography going which I’m in charger of and I feel really underqualified to be doing. I’m super excited everyone’s excited and we’re all happy to be back together again.”