Elizabeth Harris

Xavier talks about how fun 4H is for him.

Xavier Nelson

“I work at the 4-H Center which helps youth develop many different skills. As high school students, we work with younger kids during the camps. We usually work as counselors or CITs. I’ve been a part of this program for a while as a camper, counselor, and CIT for around 6 years or 7 years. As a camper every day you have an all-camper activity like everyone would go out and do something fun. I would say that my best year was my CIT year. We have an entire schedule but there are also classes, archery, and horse track where you get to ride horses. These are my favorite. I work with the horse track people and it’s really fun working there with them for a week. After the first time I went, I had a lot of fun. These camps have helped me with leadership skills because you get to lead kids around a big camp to all these different fun activities.”