Wilsonville Weightlifting


Connor Larsen

6th period just begins their lifting session of the day. They warmed up well before with a motivational speech from Coach Finck and some drills.

Wilsonville has created an extremely well run weightlifting program over the years, a class that can be taken as a physical education credit that both boys and girls take to get the feeling of getting ripped! 

The class is run by Mr. Finck, who has done incredible things for Wildcat athletics. He is the assistant coach on the cross country team, coaches throwers in track and field, and teaches a running and walking class. He has become a fitness legend at the high school since he first started teaching in 2001.

The weight lifting class does an extremely good job of making very productive and focused sessions for the kids, as they are extremely well monitored by Coach Finck. He runs a clock in the gym on a strict but easy to follow schedule to make sure everyone gets in all of their reps.

The class time is divided into three parts. First, the warm up ensures injury prevention and for everyone’s body to be ready to take on the weights, then the actual workout takes up the middle of class, then the last part of class to get changed and all cleaned up for the next period. 

Upon asking Coach Finck if he preferred to have an hour long class period or block days, he said he would prefer a regular 5 days a week, one hour class period schedule. 

“You just can’t work a kid out for that long, I’ve weight lifted for about thirty years and my workouts rarely ever go longer than an hour,” was what Coach Finck had to say about the block schedule.