Student spring break plans!


Elizabeth Harris

Many WVHS students are heading out of the state to warmer weather. Others are staying at home for a more relaxing break.

This year many students are readily excited for their spring break plans. This year has been quite busy and each student has individually been trying to get the hang of a normal school year after being online for quite some time. As Covid restrictions are being lifted, students and their families are able to travel to more places than in the previous year and half.

Some students are staying home and enjoying the time to relax. Caserra Fitzke, a senior, explains that “this Spring Break I plan to relax at home and catch up on anything that I need to.” Spring break is the perfect time for students to get tasks checked off their to-do list that sometimes can be hard to accomplish during the weeks of long school days. 

Persia Bowman, a freshman at Wilsonville high said, “my family plans on going to California this spring break.” It’s always good to head to nice weather for spring break to relax, away from the cloudy and raining skies here in Wilsonville.

This spring break is rapidly approaching, and students will continue to work hard in their studies for a long awaited break.