Paris Chamberlain & Maiya

  • Year: senior
  • Years in OHSET: 3
  • Years riding: 7
  • Favorite individual event: barrels or reining
  • Favorite team event: cow sorting 
  • Favorite OHSET memory: when the team squeezed into a horse trailer and sang karaoke until 1:00 AM! 
  • State qualifications: drill, versatility, cow sorting 
  • Horse’s show name: “Made Ya Look”
  • Horse’s favorite treat: peppermints 


Paris Chamberlain, a senior and three-year member, expressed that OHSET offers a caring environment for athletes to learn and grow. “My favorite thing is how supportive everyone is. Even if you’re struggling, they will still cheer you on and let you know it’s all right,” she reported. OHSET has also helped her train and desensitize her young horse, Maiya. “Last year, she was scared of everything and even reared up on me a few times! This year, she’s much more confident and relaxed.” Thanks to OHSET, Maiya is now used to a show environment and various kinds of events. The pair has earned high placings in the arena throughout the year, proving that the experiences OHSET offers have paid off. Paris also mentioned that most equestrians have experienced being told that “riding horses” is not a sport by non-riders. “…People aren’t aware of how much work and effort it requires,” Chamberlain proposed. For this reason, she appreciates that OHSET is dedicated to recognizing equestrian as a high school sport, offering scholarships, and fostering teamwork. Here at Wilsonville, competing athletes are even eligible to earn a varsity letter.