Jordan Pierson & Sage

  • Year: senior
  • Years in OHSET: 4
  • Years riding: 12
  • Favorite individual event: trail equitation 
  • Favorite team event: drill
  • Favorite OHSET memory: when Sage bucked through the entire bi-rangle pattern, but Jordan managed to stay on and correctly complete the course–so they weren’t disqualified!
  • State qualifications: versatility, hunt seat equitation over fences, hunt seat equitation, trail equitation
  • Horse’s show name: “My Blue Eyed Girl”
  • Horse’s favorite treat: potato chips and carrots (with the tops)


Another senior, Jordan Pierson, has been an active competing athlete all four years. Outside of OHSET, she competes as a hunter/jumper and is trained exclusively in this riding style. For athletes like Jordan who are experienced in one particular area, OHSET is an opportunity to try new events freely and escape the seriousness of their discipline. If it weren’t for OHSET, Jordan likely would have never been able to ride Western, let alone compete in Western tack. “OHSET is the perfect opportunity to try new things,” says Pierson. “You’ll never find a more supportive environment to do so!” Jordan’s favorite thing about OHSET is how it provokes team camaraderie with a sport that is typically individual. “OHSET meets offer a fun and low-stress environment, unlike the hunter/jumper competitions I’m used to. My competitors have always been friendly and even helpful, offering their advice and constructive criticism.” As a new OHSET alumnus, Jordan wanted to offer her best advice. “Remember that ‘it’s never the horse’s fault.’ As equestrians, we work with a partner who does not speak our language, so it’s easy to blame less-than-perfect moments entirely on them. Everyone makes mistakes, our horses included, but there is rarely an issue where only one party is responsible! You have to admit and accept your mistakes before you can overcome them.”