An anonymous response to the junior article:  Dear juniors, GET OUT


The constant class-clash between he juniors and the seniors will never see an end. The juniors want nothing more than to have the power and the status of being a senior, and the seniors just want to graduate while putting in as little effort as possible.  This creates the classic older sibling- younger sibling quarrel.   Everything that the younger sibling achieves before the older sibling only fuels the entitlement of the older sibling. Thinking that certain commodities are just deserved because of age died with England’s primogeniture. The new, hard working, junior class is here. The so-called “unspoken rules”, do no good if no one speaks of them.  Its impossible to follow rules that no one knows.  For the “over achieving juniors” don’t stop here.  The prerogative of senioritis should have no holds on you.  If the, dare I say, lazy seniors want to get their pointe back, let them.  Seniors just know, that there are no reservations for tables at the pointe, our parking pass gives us the right to any available spot, and you will have to out work us to get rid of us.