Serena Remley & Hattie

  • Year: freshmen
  • Years in OHSET: 1
  • Years riding: 9
  • Favorite individual event: showmanship
  • Favorite team event: versatility 
  • Favorite OHSET memory: when Emily fell asleep in the hammock she hung in her stall and Hattie “rudely” woke her up!
  • State qualifications: versatility, western horsemanship, dressage, showmanship 
  • Horse’s show name: “A Heavenly Impulse”
  • Horse’s favorite treat: bubbly water

Serena Remley, a freshman, specializes in performance events. Before OHSET, she had experienced hunter-jumper shows, 4-H competitions, and breed shows–more than most athletes her age. Even so, Remley maintains that OHSET is unique. “It’s more laid back and more fun,” she claims. Although being run by volunteers means it’s “also more disorganized” and (from Remley’s perspective) “there could be more competition,” she loves the relationships she’s made. Serena is currently Wilsonville’s only athlete who does not participate in any gaming (timed) or cow events. This means that, for her, competition ends on Friday. Despite not having any events herself, she’s stayed for the entirety of each and every meet, cheering on her teammates and friends from other schools or equestrian programs. This is what being an OHSET athlete is all about: investing yourself in others’ success in addition to your own. Versatile and experienced athletes like Remley know that this is what sets OHSET apart from other equestrian programs. When an athlete is in the arena, their performance is accompanied by the encouraging words, claps, hoots, and hollers of the audience. On game day, the crowd can be heard behind hundreds of horse trailers at the back of the parking lot. There’s never a dull moment in OHSET, regardless of one’s experience level.