T&F: Wilsonville @ Hillsboro and the NWOC Novice Meet


GM Artman

NWOC Cross Country district championship is dominated by the boys and girls. The wildcats quickly assert dominance in the race and claim the team lead within the opening mile.

In the first week of May the last league meet for Wilsonville occurred at Hare Field against Hillsboro High School, as well as the last meet for all of the junior varsity athletes the NWOC Novice Meet, essentially junior varsity districts. 

Hillsboro’s track and field program has been growing and showing depth, making the victories all the more impressive as Wilsonville took home wins in both boys and girls varsity races as well as boys junior varsity. 

There was only one day in between the two meets as each Oregon 5A district hosts their track meets on different days of the week. NWOC’s meets are held on Wednesdays, meaning teams only got one day to recover in between the two meets. 

This meant that the events selected for kids who were going to get put in the junior varsity race were generally easier to recover from. For example a long distance runner specializing in the 1500 or 3000 would run events like the 400 or the 800. 

There were also several AP tests being taken throughout the week for student athletes from across the state, including the APUSH and AP Microeconomics tests. Especially for afternoon tests, they could be extremely problematic for several athletes. 

But that didn’t seem to affect the wildcats at all because they went and did Wilsonville things, AKA being at the top of NWOC constantly. Except in the case of the girls this year who fell to Hillsboro by 8 points and ended up taking 2nd place.

Extremely impressive depth coming out of Hillsboro this year made it a competitive meet and we are grateful for the challenge. Keep updated on the Wilsonville athletic.net team page for the upcoming NWOC Varsity district meet.