T&F: The State Meet


Ben McClelland

Picture taken of University of Oregon’s Hayward Field from photographer Ben McClelland’s point of view upon entering. The new Hayward Field facility was roughly $270 million to upgrade. The athletes that qualify for this meet get to compete on the same field as Olympians do.

The last meet of the season was the state meet. Held at the legendary Hayward Field inside of the University of Oregon, the top Oregon athletes from all across the state came together for the championship. 

The state meet is a three day event with extremely precise start times due to the sheer amount of teams attending. However, Wilsonville only participates in day two and three. 

The meet has 1A, 2A and 3A schools competing on Thursday and Friday, while schools in the 4A, 5A or 6A categories compete on Friday and Saturday to better disperse the events. 

In terms of overall team placements, Wilsonville finished 3rd in the state on the boys and 8th for the girls. The boys ran into an issue against teams like Crater as, despite Wilsonville’s deep pool of strong athletes, not all of those athletes were state level, hence they weren’t even able to qualify for the meet to score points they did score for the dominating performance at districts. 

Crater’s long distance team did some major damage as in the 800, 1500 and 3000 meter races each one of their athletes became a state champion in their event. Out of Crater’s 69 points, 53 of those points were scored by their long to mid distance runners. 

The boys couldn’t match this because their whole team wasn’t able to qualify for the meet in the first place. Overall though, the whole state meet was extremely close this year as Wilsonville boys were only four points behind Crater and 14 behind the state champions in Silverton. 

The girls team that won this year, Crescent Valley high school won the state championship by a single point with 67 points over North Salem’s 66. One bad day from any athlete is what determines the state championship when the competition is this close. 

Overall, the performance displayed from the athletes at the state meet was enough to bring home a trophy and score some major points. Wilsonville showed up strong as the NWOC #1 and make the year one to remember.