Goodbye Ms. Liden, we will miss you!


This is a photo of Ms. Liden’s teacher introduction paper. You will see these papers near every classroom door for their respective teacher.

Ms. Liden has been working at the West Linn Wilsonville school district since 2008 and will be retiring this year. We interviewed our now retiring attendance secretary on how she feels about graduating. 


Question 1: During your career, what was the best piece of advice you ever gotten?

“The big one was that you just always have to try and be upbeat, your getting a lot of tired and late students just a bit of energy helps.” 

Question 2: What has been your favorite part about working at WVHS? 

“All my kids have gone here and I’ve gotten really comfortable here, it feels like another home. I love the staff, I love the admins, it’s just a great place to work.”

Question 3: How has working at WVHS impacted you? 

“It impacts me just like any other job. You’re a part of that work family and constantly contributing to it. I’m definitely conflicted about retiring because of how much I love my job, but I need to retire so that’s what I’ll do.”

Question 4: What are your plans in retirement? 

“Well the first thing I’m gonna do is turn my alarm clock.” Me and her both shared a laugh when she said this during the interview. It really gave me a perspective into her world. I could feel her accomplishment and how happy she was with her job, but also how she was ready to retire. “The main thing that’s gonna happen is that me and my husband will just do anything we want to do. If we want to go somewhere for vacation we’ll go somewhere for vacation and leave our responsibilities behind us for a while.” 


Hearing Ms Liden’s story was really wholesome, that positivity and wisdom she resonates gives you a perspective on what it’s like to truly enjoy a job. We hope the best for all retiring staff members this year.