Fiona Dunn

With so many new faces in the building, students may not recognize them all! WBN put together introductions to all our newest Wildcat staff members.

Meet WVHS’ new staff!

The 2022-2023 school year has begun, and after returning to the building, it has become evident that many staff and faculty members have joined the Wilsonville High School team since school was last in session. As the hirees are getting to know their way around the building, the bell schedule, and their coworkers, the returning Cats are getting to know THEM.

The WBN team did the leg work for you. Below are individual, interview-based features–one for each new professional Cat!

Dan Rowell: Social Studies teacher
Laura Giese: Admin assistant
Tammy Bradley: Facility Scheduler
Jennifer Bruce: Child development teacher
Emma Smith: ISEF coordinator
Tony Baker: Permanent substitute
Tyson Lunden: Graphic Arts teacher
Tia Factor: 2D Arts teacher
Jorge Chaires: Athletic trainer
Alex Willse: Social Studies teacher
Sujatha Bhaskar: Computer Science teacher
Tim Christopher: Social Studies teacher
Regan Molatore: Street Law and Leadership teacher
Julia Arsenault: Special Ed assistant teacher
Claudia Zhang: Chinese teacher
Rodrigo Navarro: History teacher
Kristene Baldwin: WKOA Coordinator
Kaylee Martz: Student Success
Ashley Lindsay: Learning Specialist
Lindsay Demaray: Language arts teacher
Kate Coreson: Librarian
Tiffany Arnold: Learning Specialist
Kathy Villalobos: Spanish teacher
Cari Gunter: Administrative Assistant
Josh Davis: Athletic Director and Assistant Principal
Ingrid Mosey; Language Arts Teacher