New Athletic Director, Josh Davis, and Alexis McIlmoil having a laugh in the office. McIlmoil was mid-interview when photo was taken. Photo provided by author.

Josh Davis: Athletic Director and Assistant Principal

Wilsonville highschool has had many new additions during this school year. The summer months that turned school days seemingly in a matter of seconds brought a lot of new faces to the hallways. This last school year in the Spring of 2022, the Athletic director of 10 years retired. 

One of the new faces seen around the school during sport clearance in the summer and now fall classes is that of our new Athletic Director, Josh Davis. Mr. Davis is a local to not just Oregon, but the Wilsonville area. Having grown up in Oregon City just a few miles down the highway, he’s familiar with the area. 

Davis is no noob to the educational nor administrative system. He was a principal at a small school in Central Oregon for several years as a part of the 16 years he spent in Bend. He also taught business at Mountainside high school along with other financial classes to all grades. 

  His decision to choose the administrative position at Wilsonville stems from the close relationship he and his family held with prior A.D Dennis Burke. Mr. Burke had taught with Davis’ father in the years past. “I kept a look out for the job, and knew that if it opened up I would want to be here,” Davis says. 

Mr. Davis is our behind the scenes fairy godmother. Most students at Wilsonville don’t understand the extremities of the job. All they see is someone who patrols the student sections at games and is seen sporadically around the halls. The job is so much more than that. 

The A.D  does a lot behind the scenes and sports is only half of it. Scheduling said sports games, transportation to those games, refs and other officials and field availability. Then there’s appliances around the school that have to be checked such as banners and bleachers. “Have you heard the expression drinking with a fire hose?” Davis says to better iterate his feelings. 

 It’s definitely been a lot but the staff has been very welcoming and helpful especially BJ with accustoming him and alleviating the stress of the switch. I know as not just students, but athletes are all very grateful for the work put into making sure we only have to focus on the game. 

A great example of the work Mr. Davis puts in and the consideration he has for the best interest for our players was the scheduling he made for the girls varsity soccer game against Lake Oswego. He was adamant about making the game at a time so the girls could make it back in time for the first home football game of the year. As a player, I am extremely grateful for his efforts, as is the rest of the team, for the opportunity to be able to attend the football game. 

The fluidity and ease that the students and athletes at Wilsonville high school experience  is all due to the people behind the scenes. We are so appreciative of our new A.D  and we welcome him with open arms to our school! 

“Have you heard the expression drinking with a fire hose?”

— Josh Davis, Athletic Director