Photo provided by Claudia Molatore

Ms. Molatore enjoying her vacation over the summer with her family in Canada. All of them got the chance to relax before the school year started.

Regan Molatore: Street Law and Leadership teacher

Regan Molatore was a full-time sub last year to replace a teacher that left the WVHS community. This year she was hired back to be a full-time teacher for Street Law and Leadership 1.

Ms. Molatore is a new teacher here at Wilsonville High School. Over the summer, she and her family went on a trip up to Canada and went through the Canadian National Forest of Jasper and Banff. 

This year is Ms. Molatore’s first full year of teaching. Last year she was a sub for Street Law, Music History, and Psychology. “I never originally never thought of being a teacher; it was more of a need for teachers. Last year a position opened up for Street Law, Music History, and Phycology and I thought that since I have a law degree it could be a temporary fit.” 

Due to COVID, there was a shortage of teachers and subs so Ms. Molatore stayed to teach Street Law and Leadership 1. Although she has a law degree, Ms. Molatore doesn’t have a degree in teaching. Since she wishes to stay and continue teaching for years to come, she will be going back to school herself to get her teaching degree. 

There have been some challenges in learning how to teach high schoolers, but she loves the challenge and can’t see herself teaching at any other level. “What I loved was when I came back this year, I was surprised by the number of students that circled back around to come and say hi and were excited to see me.” Ms. Molatore explains one of her favorite teaching experiences. Ms. Molatore wishes to teach high schoolers in the West Linn area for a long time and can’t for the many years to come.