Matthew Crowley

Ms. Gunter poses in her office. She likes the fun wall that is a feature of the space!

Cari Gunter: Administrative Assistant

Over the past couple years, Wilsonville High School has made some new additions to its teachers and staff. Mrs. Gunter, our new Administrative Assistant, began her career as a mom volunteering at her child’s elementary school. After spending enough time there, the principal finally suggested she might as well get paid for all her hard work. 

She continued officework there for almost thirteen years until she moved to Wilsonville after receiving a job offer for Reynolds High School. It didn’t take her long to decide that she wants to ditch the long commute and work a little closer to home. 

Since starting at Wilsonville in July, Gunter noted, “it was a little quieter than what I pictured, but in the last week it’s definitely amped up a bit.” Contrary to her experience at RHS, she’s thrilled to be more involved in student life and is looking forward to attending as many school and athletic events as possible.

 “I’m excited to be a fan of activities and athletics…It was the part that I was missing living here but working in Troutdale,” Gunter mentioned. Along with cheering on the Wildcats, outside of school she enjoys going on bike rides, hikes, baking cinnamon rolls, and has even jumped out of an airplane!

Mrs. Gunter is ecstatic to work with students, peers, teachers, and staff and can’t wait to see what the school year brings here at Wilsonville. Come stop by and say hello! She’d love to see everyone and has a candy jar there waiting for you!