Emily Barry

Mr. Christopher posing in his new classroom. Welcome to WVHS Mr, Christopher!

Tim Christopher: Social Studies teacher

Mr. Christoper is a new social studies teacher here at Wilsonville High School! He comes from Renaissance Pubilc Academy in the Mollala School District. 

At the Renaissance Public Academy, Mr.Christopher was the only person in the history department. At one point in his teaching career in ar Renaissance, he also had to teach earth science. Here at Wilsonville High School, he has many teachers to collaborate with. 

“It’s great because they have either taught a lot longer or teach in a different manner. So I’m getting ideas on how to be a better teacher and how to get students super excited about the material in a lot of different ways.”

Before Mr. Christopher became a teacher, he was a massage therapist and personal trainer for twenty years. He helped all types of people; ex-bodybuilders, UFC fighters, cross-fitters, and many more. He decided to quit his job and started his journey to becoming a teacher after a two-week backpacking trip to Spain. 

Mr.Christopher is looking forward to this school year, and Wilsonville High School is excited to have him. 

I have always been interested in history. Even when I was a little kid, I would pull the maps out of National Geographics and draw on them. I had family that lived in both Canada and Africa when I was a boy. So I knew there was a big world out there and where people were and why they did what they did.

— Mr. Christopher