Macy Moore

Ms. Bhaskar poses in the computer science classroom. This will be her first full year at Wilsonville High School!

Sujatha Bhaskar: Computer Science teacher

Sujatha Bhaskar is a relatively new staff member here at Wilsonville High School, and we are so excited to formally welcome her for the 2022 school year! Here at Wilsonville, Ms. Bhaskar is the AP Computer Science A, AP Computer Science Principles, Robotics I & II, and Computer Programming teacher. 

With so many different classes, Ms. Bhaskar has a lot on her plate, and has a very positive outlook on her plans for the upcoming school year, “I was excited because I am going to start this year from scratch. I know exactly what my students are going to learn, and I think that was very exciting and a bit overwhelming for me.” 

When she isn’t teaching, Ms. Bhaskar enjoys cooking and spending time with her family, as well as exploring new places in her free time. 

Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Bhaskar was a software engineer, and has around 10 years of experience in the field. Interestingly, her gateway to teaching was through robotics. For around 5 years, she coached robotics teams, and learned through these experiences that she enjoyed working with kids, “I think teaching is fun, and teaching students is very rewarding.”

This year, she is the robotics advisor as well as a teacher. Last year, she joined the teaching team here at Wilsonville High School in February, and is super excited for her first full year!