Photo provided by Tia Factor

Ms. Factor is a new addition to the Wilsonville staff and is excited to teach this year. She has extensive experience teaching art at colleges, but high school art is new to her!

Tia Factor: 2D Arts teacher

Tia Factor is new to the Wilsonville High School staff this year. Her classroom is the 2D Art Room located in Room 82, right next to the other art classrooms. 

Entering her first year at WVHS, Ms. Factor already has an expansive knowledge of teaching multiple art styles. Prior to Wilsonville, she taught at Portland State University, Pacific Northwest College of Art, and Portland Community College. 

In her class periods, Ms. Factor teaches three different 2D art classes, these range from Art 1-3. Art 1 focuses on general 2D art, Art 2 explores drawing, and Art 3 consists of painting. She also has an AP (Advanced Placement), Art Studio class for students interested in a more challenging experience. 

An important detail to know about Ms. Factor is how much she values her students. As a student, she experienced teachers who were unable to connect with her in a meaningful manner: “I didn’t connect with any of my teachers until college.” Ms. Factor uses this wisdom to mold her own work as a teacher. She aims to give the opposite impression, trying to bond with them on a more significant level.  

Ms. Factor loves seeing how her students grow over the school year. She hopes that students joining her class approach art with an open mind and accept making mistakes.