Daniel Lee

Mr. Lunden works hard at his desk. He is excited to take over as WVHS’ graphic arts teacher!

Tyson Lunden: Graphic Arts teacher

Tyson Lunden (Lun-dee-n) is new to the Wilsonville High School staff this year. He teaches Graphic Arts and Photography in the old black box theater near the auditorium.

While being new to Wilsonville High School, Mr. Lunden is not unfamiliar with his teachings of graphic arts, providing an addition to Wilsonville’s new and interesting classes.

In the past, Mr. Lunden has received a degree in art at University of Oregon and teached for a few years at Newberg High School. However, the large school environment and some social-related issues changed his teaching path. “Didn’t agree with the movement from the school board,” Lunden explains. He decided he needed new scenery and brought his talents to Wilsonville.

For his first-impressions, Mr. Lunden admires the overall culture and environment of our school. He thinks that here there will be more opportunities to connect with the students compared to his old school. 

While he is knowledgeable in graphic arts, Mr. Lunden also coached water polo back in his day. He provides a humble endeavor, and does not take himself too seriously. He will be a great addition to the WVHS team!