Lily Arzie

Emma Smith smiles for a picture at her desk! She meets with students and staff in the ISEF nook!

Emma Smith: ISEF coordinator

Emma Smith is a new staff member here at Wilsonville High School, and is an ISEF coordinator!

Smith recently graduated from Western Washington University, where she studied environmental science. She researched solely on chemical signaling between fungi and seeds, as well as seed resistance. 

Before coming to Wilsonville High School, Ms. Smith had multiple occupational experiences. She served as a tutor and mentor for fellow students and faculty who focused on the reading, writing and research process. She was also an outdoor preschool teacher, and has an impressive background in woodworking.

Ms. Smith expressed that her experience at Wilsonville High School has been great and feels especially that “this week has been really fun, because [her] time is mostly occupied with one on one” sessions alongside students who are ecstatic and passionate about their ideas.

Ms. Smith has also valued the community aspect of WVHS, saying that “[she] has really enjoyed getting to know all the different science teachers” and appreciates the strong bond amongst the staff.

Although she has dabbled in many independent projects and occupations, Smith conveyed that “working with the students is [her] favorite part” and the process leading up to it was “worth it.”

Ms. Smith is excited to continue building meaningful connections with students as well as staff, and she is thrilled to be working at Wilsonville High School!