Hannah Aldrich

This is Tammy Bradley. She is a coach for both the Girls Soccer team and the Softball team here at Wilsonville High School.

Tammy Bradley: Facility Scheduler

Tammy Bradley has joined the Wilsonville High School faculty this year as a facility scheduler. With this role comes the responsibility of ensuring that games played at home go smoothly. From relieving the visiting team of the stresses of playing at a school that isn’t theirs to getting the fields ready to perfection, she has come to play an important part in the overall success of the school’s athletic program. 

While this is her first year as an official member of the school’s team, Bradley has actually been a part of the school since 2014. She is a coach for both the girls soccer team, as well as the softball team. Since 2018, Bradley has also been working as the event coordinator for home games. She has even taken on the role as an event announcer for a few games. 

Before wanting to work as a facility scheduler at the high school, Bradley earned her degree in sports administration with a concentration in international sports. With her background, she has had the opportunity to travel the globe working at international events. Bradley has worked eight Olympic games, helped organize one FIFA World Cup, Rugby World Cups, and boxing championships. “Having worked on so many international events, I have been able to take my experiences there and apply them to administration of the high school,” she commented.

 Bradley’s favorite part of her job as a coach and facility scheduler is being able to get involved in the community. “Getting to see a bunch of faces say hello in the hallways and actually know who you are… that’s the most rewarding part of my job.”

Come visit Tammy Bradley and the rest of the team that makes home games possible by watching the Wilsonville Wildcats play!