Hope Williams

The Wilsonville student section showed their Wildcat pride at the Homecoming game! The theme was Light-Out!

Homecoming spirit week!

Homecoming has come and gone, and what a great week it was!

Homecoming has finally come, which means a week that was full of fun spirit days, the Homecoming assembly, the football game, and the Homecoming dance! Starting off, there was Pajama day Monday, followed by BBQ Dads Vs. Soccer Moms. Wednesday was Strictly Business, while Thursday was Adam Sandler day. To end the week, Friday was school colors day– freshman wore grey, sophomores wore navy blue, juniors wore white, and seniors wore black. Later Friday night was the Homecoming football game and parade. This year’s float theme was popular movies, freshman were Ghostbusters, sophomores were Pirates of the Caribbean, juniors were Despicable Me, and seniors had the winning float with Star Wars. Wildcats won the Homecoming football game 52-6, and the stands were full of spirit and energy throughout the night.

Pajama Day!
Soccer Mom Vs. BBQ Dad!
Strictly Business.
Adam Sandler, is that you?
Class Colors: Gray, blue, white, and black