Jonah S

Ingrid Mosey sitting in the library. She’s excited to hear her students’ insights.

Ingrid Mosey; Language Arts Teacher

Ms. Mosey is a new Language Arts teacher from Two Rivers School, where she taught for eight years.

She earned a BA in literature from University of Idaho and an MFA in writing from Mills College. Before being a teacher, she worked at Bonneville Power Administration as a business writer and public affairs specialist. She was inspired to become a teacher because she wanted a new challenge and an impactful job. She then went back to college, going to night school at Portland State.

Her hobbies outside of school include sewing, reading and writing, and skiing. She came to Wilsonville High because she grew up here, and she considers it a great school.

She is excited to hear her students’ insights on literature and writing and to join such an inspiring group of teachers and students.