Hope Williams

Sophomores Olivia Kundert, Kiera Easterly, and junior Maddie Holly, along with teacher Sra. Zolotoff show off their BBQ Dad and Soccer Mom getup.

Soccer Mom Vs. BBQ Dad!

Tuesday was a new theme for Wilsonville High School and that was BBQ Dad Vs. Soccer Mom. Students and teachers both dressed up for this exciting spirit day, many aprons and sunglasses could be seen everywhere in the halls and in classes. Ellis Underhill, sophomore, dressed up as a BBQ Dad for this spirit day, “I was a BBQ Dad because I thought it was funny, and seeing everyone else’s BBQ Dad and Soccer Mom outfits made me laugh a lot.” People who had chosen to dress up as a BBQ Dad generally wore an apron and had some sort of grilling utensil, while those who chose the Soccer Mom look had sunglasses, a hat, and probably a big purse for all of the snacks.