Hope Williams

Seniors Nathan Wilde and Sean Coyler are ready for their first class of the day in their best suits.

Strictly Business.

Pull out and iron your best clothes for Strictly Business day!

Wednesday was Wilsonville’s first early release of the year, it also happened to be Strictly Business Day for spirit week. The halls were filled with students in full suits, ready for a business meeting. Some students chose to wear a tie around their necks, a variety of patterns and colors for ties were seen everywhere around the school. Nathan Wilde, a senior, had dressed for the spirit day and liked to see what everyone else was wearing, “It was really cool to see people in their business attire and how they interpreted business day.” Some students were seen with a briefcase to carry their things around instead of a backpack. While Strictly Business day was short due to the early release, but this didn’t stop students from missing out on this fun spirit day.