What type of music do WVHS students listen to?


Lily Arzie

Tyler Mothershed, freshman, queues his music during a break. He listens to Kanye West when he can.

As the bell rings, and students make their way to their next class, the only thing in sight are earbuds, bobbing heads, and an alarming silence while students quietly listen to their beloved music.

It’s no surprise that a variety of music tastes are presented at Wilsonville High School. For example, Jacob Alewine, a sophomore, “dabble[s] in different types of genres, but [he] typically just stick[s] to R&B and soul.”

Alweine added on to say that he occasionally ponders through the world of 90’s rap like Ice Cube, NWA, and Tupac. 

Just like Alwewine, Alina Jakobson, junior, listens to tremendously varied genres and songwriters. She claimed that her “playlist is over 56 hours long, and it ranges from music to the 1930s to modern day.”

Jakobson is currently heavily rotating songwriter Ashe, because “she is just so unapologetically herself…and her album right now is inspired by 70s, and it really gives Carole King and Gerry Rafferty!”

Ryan Williams, freshman, finds himself listening to music produced by artists like Outkast and Kanye West. If students are looking to invest some of their listening time to Outkast, Williams’ favorite go-to Outkast song is Rooster.

Tyler Mothershed, a freshman at WVHS, tends to find himself listening to the rap region of music. If someone were to invest time in rap music, Mothershed recommends listeners to listen to My beautiful dark twisted fantasies by Kanye West “because it’s more mainstream.”

Mothershed also recommended to aspiring rock fans to listen to The Red Hot Chili Peppers because “it’s mainstream, and it’ll get you into it, cause their songs are really good.”

While students walk the halls, there is no accurate assumption of what they are listening to, because Wilsonville High School provides an authentic representation of all different types of music.