Outdoor ed. heads to the mountain


Photo by Ally Finkbeiner

Ally Finkbeiner and Kylee Rusher are all smiles in the snow.

Aly Johnston, Writer

Wilsonville’s Outdoor Education class took two trips, one on Tuesday the 9th, and Friday the 12th, to White River Canyon. The classes, which went on different days, went snowshoeing. White River Canyon, which is close to Mt. Hood and Government Camp, should be full of fresh snow for the hikers.

Mr. Ryan took his Outdoor Ed classes up to the mountain, and they got some good snow. It was a little packed, students said, but they were still able to snowshoe.

The temperatures were a brisk 30 degrees, and students were all bundled up. Students of all grades, 9 through 12, went snowshoeing on Tuesday. Donning multiple layers and hats, the girls stayed warm up on the cold mountain, as pictured in the group selfie.

Another group is set to depart on Friday at 7:00 am, boarding a bus and driving up to the mountain. The group will get back around 3:00 the same day, having a nice introduction to the upcoming 3 day weekend. Monday is Martin Luther King Day, and will be an inservice day for students.

It will be around 33 degrees when the group goes up on Friday, so they will have to bundle up against the chill just like the Tuesday group.

The Outdoor Ed. class has gone on multiple field trips this semester; from indoor scuba diving to building forts in the forest, this group has done it all. Throughout the year, students have learned how to build fires, throw frisbees, and create shelter.

Students enjoyed this weeks trip, and took many fun pictures in the snow. Ally Finkbeiner and Kylee Rusher, sophomores, are pictured here smiling in the snow. This group of girls, with the photo being taken by Mia Carroll, sophomore, are all having a great time on this week’s Outdoor Ed. excursion.

With all of the fun trips Outdoor Education takes throughout the semester, this likely won’t be the last article written about the excursions they take.