Controversy around parking passes is still going strong


Sophia Day

Eagle-eyed readers will notice the time on staff writer Sophia Day’s dashboard, and that she’s parked near the tennis courts! If you snooze, you lose!

WVHS’ days of designated parking spots are behind us. Initially, this was upsetting for many students: they’re giving up ownership of a specific spot, meaning the school parking lot is run on a first-come-first-served basis. However, many students quickly adapted and found this new structure to be better than the old.

Up until this year, Wilsonville High School required students to pay for their parking spots. While this offered security to those who paid, it left many students without. Those without would simply steal spots, which left everyone at a loss. This year, all students need is a parking sticker pasted to their windshield, and they are free to park wherever they would like.

Senior George Peykanu weighed in, “I really like this system. Anyone who’s complaining simply doesn’t arrive at school on time.” He went on to explain that the competition to get to school early is a good thing, and that this should be our permanent parking set up.

Malia Case, also a senior, agreed with Peykanu, “I think it encourages fairness; students are motivated to come to school early, and to get back from lunch at a reasonable time.” She noted several other pros to this new system, “It’s free, which is nice, and because there aren’t designated spots, no one is at risk of having their spot taken.”  

Students who are averse to this parking system feel that if they are willing to pay for a spot, they should be allowed to. Aida Siminton, a junior, explained that she would pay the fee for a parking spot if that meant she would be guaranteed a spot everyday. 

Though the parking lot feels like a free-for-all to some students, at the very least it’s encouraging students to get to school on time. It is also completely free, so students are not excluded on a financial basis.