Advice from upperclassmen: how to overcome procrastination


Natalie Kendig

Senior, Anthony Herrera, working on assigned schoolwork. He is procrastinating doing his work by being on his phone.

Procrastination–the action of postponing or delaying something–is an action that hampers the productivity of students. It is vital that as the year progresses, you are able to maintain the ability to stay on task, keep your grades up, and complete your homework. But it is inevitable that you will procrastinate on the way. There are many ways to overcome the tendency to procrastinate and to stay motivated which students have developed over time. 

Senior, Anthony Herrera, shared various ways he stays motivated and on top of work, “I got myself a planner and I write down all of my daily assignments in every class so when I get home I know what assignment to do.” A planner is an efficient way to organize your work, and when you can stay organized, you can complete assignments on time.

Turning in all of your assignments on time is vital since it is very easy to get behind. “I put things off to the last minute because it feels like I have lots of time to do it but the deadline sneaks up on you.” The more assignments that begin to stack up, the more stress you begin to feel. 

Everyone struggles with procrastination at some point. Senior, Elijah Sievers, gave his advice to students who struggle with procrastination, “My advice would be to not wait until the last minute and really think about the assignments given to them.” If you do begin to wait until the last minute and all of your work is piled up. Elijah expressed how “Sometimes I’ve learned that doing my work in chunks helps.” Completing your work in chunks can help prevent the additional stress of not having work turned in on time and the possibility of your grades dropping. 

Procrastination is normal in students, especially as the year progresses and as the weather gets worse. Finding ways to overcome these habits can help you throughout your high school career and even in the future.