WLWV students prepare for ISEF

Samantha Monello, Writer

The Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, where millions of students compete worldwide in local and school-sponsored science fairs for a chance to go to state, regional and international competitions is coming up for Wilsonville High School students.

This week, practice judging took place for the West Linn-Wilsonville school district. After some rescheduling difficulties due to unexpected snow days, Wilsonville High School hosted a practice judging from 6pm-8pm on Monday, February 26th and West Linn High School hosted one from 5pm-7pm on Wednesday, February 28th. At these locations students set up what they had finished for their projects and teachers from each school critiqued their work.

From codes that avoid fake news to cabbage extract that slows disease progression, students showed off their experiments and hard work. There were graphs, data tables, log books, inventions, and so much more filling the classrooms at each school.

With over 200 participants within the two schools, judges were busy at work, ensuring that each group got feedback on the project they provided. Mr. Schauer, the statistics teacher at Wilsonville commented on the event, “I thought it went really well because kids said they got good feedback. I really enjoyed the diversity of some of the projects as well as the depth of them.”

Now, as students head into the weekend, they will make final touches, improve their displays, and prepare for the real ISEF judging at West Linn High School on Monday, March 5th