Muslim Student Association

The Muslim Student Association is another new club that joined the Wilsonville High School community this year. Started by three seniors they wish to help those who are muslim or wish to know more about the community.

April 26, 2023


Hope Williams

Club Leaders Cameron Azizi and Ali Abdelwahed outside of the art room during their interview.

The Muslim Student Association is a new club this year that was started by three seniors, Cameron Azizi, Ali Abdelwahead, and Yaseen Mubashir. These three students created this club for a couple of reasons, to help freshmen through their first year of high school and also for them to practice their religion.

The Muslim Student Association was started just this year, the main reason for the creation of this club was to bring more awareness and opportunity for Muslim students. During their meetings they talk together about their culture, teach those who wish to learn more about their culture, participate in small activities, and pray together. 

Ali Abdelwahed stated that “it’s a place for freshmen to get help from older kids,” and Cameron Azizi added, “Especially from older Muslims and how to navigate high school.” Ali Cameron and Yaseen are working together to guide youth Muslims in our school through their first year or two of high school. Since all three of them are seniors this year, Nour Shaheen, a junior now a senior next year, will take over as the leader of the club.

This club meets every Friday and is open to more than just those who are Muslim. The Muslim Student Association is an inclusive club because they wish for others to join so they may teach more about their culture and religious practices. So far they are still a small group of students that make up this club but they wish to grow more in the next year. 

Because this group is small and new, they don’t really get to meet in a classroom. The leaders of the club have said that while “it’s fine for now, but we wish to have a bigger space next year.” This club is open to all and is a very welcoming, informative space. Meeting every Friday during the middle of the fifth period for prayer, all students are welcome to join.