WVHS fashion club presents their first fashion show

Veera Valtonen models Sophia Steinkamp’s intricate bubble gum pink prom dress.

Wilsonville High School’s fashion club recently put on its first-ever fashion show. Designers Venelle Imbi and Sophia Steinkamp, created some incredible outfits for their models to show off.   The fashion show was an amazing and fun experience for everyone who got to participate, and for the audience to watch. 

Venelle Imbi, a senior, is the current president of the fashion club. Imbi explains how much she enjoyed the process of putting the whole show together, “My favorite part was putting everything together because of course we need help from friends and family and everybody so I’m so glad it actually came out really good.” 

Giulia Grunder, a junior, and Veera Valtonen, a senior, were two of the models in the fashion show. They also talked about how much they loved the experience and how fun it was to model their peers’ designs. Grunder explains that her favorite part was “probably the group feeling and that we did it together, and Venelle’s clothes were really pretty.” 

Veera Valtonen also compliments Imbi’s incredible designs. She explains that, “the best part was to do it with friends and to see all Venelle’s clothes and they were all super pretty.” Imbi, along with all the other designers, created beautiful pieces for the fashion show.  

Both Valtonen and Grunder agree that teamwork and the whole group experience are why this whole fashion show came together as great as it did. Everyone worked together to put on an incredible fashion show. 

Wilsonville High School’s first-ever fashion show was an incredible experience for not only everyone involved but for the audience to experience as well.  The fashion club hopes to get more students involved and to put together more fashion shows in the years to come.