Bop or Flop: Episode 2


Sammie Baker and Natalie Kendig are the hosts of the podcast, Bop or Flop. Bop or Flop is a series that focuses on current trends. Every week, 1 or more guests come and share their opinions on whether a trend is a bop or a flop. If they state that it is a bop, they are implying that’s is worth the hype. On the other hand, if they note that the trend is a flop, they aren’t a fan of it and believe it’s overrated.

Welcome to the second episode of Sammie and Natalies’ podcast, Bop or Flop. On today’s episode of Bop or Flop, Sammie and Natalie were joined by guest star, senior Eli Sievers. The topics of today’s episode included Natalie, Sammie, and Eli’s opinions on big up-and-coming trends that are taking over the internet, and people today. The first trend discussed was thrifting: the pros and cons, how to find good clothing, and whether it is worth it. The Next topic is a very famous fast-food restaurant and one that was recently introduced near Wilsonville: In and Out. Finally, the three decided whether going out to lunch was a bop…or a flop. Find out what they said, as you tune into Bop or Flop.

Thank you for listening to this week’s episode of Bop or Flop. Come back next week to hear more opinions about relevant trends. If there are any trend recommendations, reach out to our emails; we appreciate the input on what to talk about or add to the podcast to make it better!